Where we are

Where we are

Where we are

    Address : Via Sardegna, 19 a Misano Adriatico (RN)
    Telephone and Fax: 0541-614514
    Mobile Phone: 366-1505159

    Directions :

    If you reach the train stations of Misano, Riccione and Cattolica, we will pick up you to the hotel without additional charge

    If you reach us by bus :
    Getting off to Riccione train station
    Take the bus 42 till Piazzale Curiel
    Change with bus 125 till the bus stop 61 (Misano Brasile)
    Or you can use the cub service in front of Riccione train station

    Getting off to the Misano train station :
    Bus 125 till bus stop 61 (Misano Brasile)

    Get directions road to reach us:  : Click here


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